A consulting engineer are called by client when client does not has engineering capability,Guest Posting his engineering staff not qualified in work area, client cannot free his engineering staff from present commitments, or client needs an outside objective analysis (Refer to article Reason for engaging civil and structural engineers).

Normally the work of civil and structural consulting engineer starts when then engineer signs a contract with client. Frequently, the employment of civil and structural consulting engineer will continue whenever the first task for client has been fully satisfied. In a design office such as civil and structural consultant, there are a number of work needs to be done as follow:

Feasibility studies.

When client has a general idea of what heĀ http://taifun.cloud/ wants on a specific assignment, he may be uncertain about the scope of work. Consulting engineer is called and carry out studies and reports in variety of way. Based on the reports forwarded to client, client is able to determine the workability of his assignment

Preliminary design.

After a project is awarded to engineer, initially client may want to know some preliminary information such as initial cost estimation, equipments, local authorities’ requirements etc. Consulting engineer plays an important role in this matter. In this stage, it may start with some submission of works to authorities for approval.

Liaise with client, architect, quantity surveyors, mechanical and electrical engineers and local authorities.